About two years ago I started filling in lists with questions every day. The questions often changed. I struggled to really re-focus my mind the way I felt it could be focussed. After a couple of months I had binders full of hand-written questionnaires. Some times I spent half a day answering questions, which wasn’t very effective and defeated the purpose. So I kept looking for a set of questions that would have the desired effect: certainty, drive, focus, growthhacking, all those juicy buzzwords. Many questions went by, few stayed…

-What’s the one thing you can do today that would make everything else easier?

-What are three things that went well today?

-How do you decide to treat others today?

-What’s the nicest thing someone did for you today?

-Who do you need to forgive today?

-Is there anyone you need to apologize to?

-What are you most grateful for today and why?

etc, etc, etc

I noticed several people, including Tim Van Zwieteren, asked me for copies of the questions so they could also start doing it.

Every time I was answering the questions I could a feeling of excited anticipation and clarity. Doubts about the future, about my goals, about where to live, etc lessened. I started taking more risks.

About a year ago I had the idea to turn this into a book.

Today the first batch of copies has arrived.

I could never have done this alone, I just wrote the book, all the rest was done by quite a big team of ever motivated and talented people. You don’t know how many people it takes a book until you’ve got one ready.

A big, big


to all those who chose to support us about 365 days ago, when we asked for 50 euro to become a founding member of our organisation. Back then we had nothing to offer but promises. More than 50 people contributed something to the founding ‘fund’ of Donkichod. We thank you for the confidence you had in us to put your contributions to good use.

The books will be sold at 15 euro (unless you are one of my students at Adlerka highschool, then you can get it for 10 euro, if you are a founding member of Donkichod you can also get it for 10 euro).

Most of the profit will be re-invested in Donkichod. We will keep organising events, activities, printing books, writing books, translating books, anything that we feel can add something to your life.

We will also keep striving to bring Belgium, The Netherlands and Slovakia closer together.

And we want to add as much value as we can to Slovak society.


Filling in this diary can have huge consequences. Like moving to an enigmatic country somewhere in Middle Europe  over 1,200 kms away… (hint: It’s NOT Slovenia…)