How to get a HOT girlfriend, to be specific.

  • Only go after the women that take your breath away. Women sense it when your attraction is not peaking and it turns them off. If your attraction is very real some of it will spill over to her. As long as it’s not the creepy, obsessive kind of attraction
  • It helps a hell of a lot if you’re in shape. When I’m out of shape the way women interact with me becomes almost like they are dealing with some sweet, but wholly unattractive paria. Don’t let anyone convince you that women don’t value looks, they do, only a little less than men do.
  • Don’t try to hide the fact that you’re attracted, they know anyway
  • Once you’ve made it rather abundantly clear that you desire them, give them some space. This is not a manipulative trick, this is just a wise thing to do. Women need some time to warm to an attraction. Unless in the rare case of an instant ‘coup de foudre’ where you end up turning the bed or the couch into a gym, she will need some alone time to consider your ‘offer’. If a woman falls in love it’s in the time she’s away from you. Give her some space, let her go at her own pace.
  • There’s really no other good pick-up line than ‘what’s your name?’
  • Again: make it clear IMMEDIATELY that you desire her. The longer you wait, the less chance you have with her. Surveys show that women find courage the most attractive asset of all, so be courageous and make it clear you desire her. This is also why it’s so crucial to be truly attracted to her, as your desire will be so big that you will want to approach her no matter what
  • Let her do most of the talking, get to know her. But not as a friend. Never pretend to be her friend. It’s dead easy to avoid stepping into the dreaded friend zone, just don’t behave like a friend, tell her how blown away you are by how sexy she is in every possible crazy way
  • Be generous, but don’t try to buy her
  • Invent a language that only the two of you can understand from the first moment of interacting, this creates a unique bond and it’s fun
  • If she likes you she’ll poke fun, she’ll mess with you, tease you, get a little wild, have open body language, and she’ll be eager to spend time alone with you, even if she’s an introvert she’ll suddenly turn into something like an extravert. A girl in the presence of a guy who shows interest and that she likes back is like watching the sunrise over an ocean with big waves. It can be overwhelming.
  • Think of cool, unique nicknames for her
  • Make her laugh
  • You don’t have to shock her with every sad story you can tell about your life, but eventually it’s a good idea to share the less nice stuff about you
  • Get objects that have meaning only between the two of you. These can be dirt cheap or stuff you found somewhere as long as you can attach a special meaning to it that is known to only you both
  • You’re going to have to be passionate about something, doesn’t really matter what exactly, as long as it’s clear that you’re building something, learning something, creating something
  • If you want her to stick around you have to actively push her to grow. If you don’t, she’ll leave, unless she’s badly hurt and is stuck in some victim mentality. But hey, you don’t want to be that guy she stays with because you remind her of her abusive alcoholic father
  • If she rejects you, wait a while and try again, but NEVER start begging or bugging or bullying (the three B’s you should always avoid)
  • This is how I had a long and passionate relationship with, among others, a knock-out sensual bomb of a nurse, a sexually deranged hostess, a super intelligent Persian princess and a mesmerizing Slavic Tsarina.