In the spirit of ‘I will try everything at least once’ I have decided to fast for 72 hours.

According to strangers on the internet without any medical qualifications this is supposed to help me lose weight, especially fat and not too much muscle mass, should regenerate my brain, boost my immunity, fill me with growth hormone, help me spot money lying on the ground with eagle eyes. Ok, so that last benefit is definitely not true and the others are very likely also not true, except that I assume I will lose weight.

I will not eat until… Wednesday. And I started on Sunday.

I will just drink a lot of water.

I am very curious about this.

You will soon read about the details of the experience.

One benefit that is certain: I will safe about 15 euro.

And 15 euro is a lot when you devote your life to writing blog posts online for people to -hopefully – enjoy.

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